PAY AS YOU GO: Clases para todos 2023

Our new location:
Fort de L’Eau 44
07701 Mahón
Islas Baleares (Spain)

Free registration- 60 minutes per lesson- Book 29€

Our ethos for your success is quality learning time

One, Two or Three hours
SHARED only 2-3  people28€

Paying in advance You can get PACKS of lessons with discount

HoursIndividualShared (2/3 people)
5 hours175€ (35€ x h)125€ (25€x h )
10 hours320€ (32€ x h)220€ (22€x h)
15 hours450€ (30€ x h)300€ (20€x h)

The pack is personal and can be valid for two months
You can pay by making a bank transfer or by PayPal or in the school (Address: Fort de L’Eau 44  Mahón 07701 Islas Baleares )

Program flexibility and contents tailored to interests

Adapted to the rate and learning style of the student

Greater flexibility for changes in timetables or location of classes (before 48h)

Easy to arrange visits or trips to places of student’s interest

Not quite what you’re looking for yet? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you

PAYMENT: All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy


One to one / Individual lesson – 1 hour

40,00 €

Pack individual lessons – 5 hours

175,00 €

Pack Individual lessons – 10 hours

320,00 €

Pack Individual lessons – 15 hours

450,00 €


Shared lessons (pack per person) – 5 hours

125,00 €

Shared lessons (pack per person) – 10 hours

220,00 €

Shared lessons (pack per person) – 15 hours

300,00 €

2 comentarios en “PAY AS YOU GO: Clases para todos 2023”

  1. My name is John and I live in New York City where I work at an international bank. From time to time, I need to speak Spanish to my clients and I am always looking for an opportunity to improve my Spanish.

    I was in Menorca for 3 weeks on vacation. Before arriving in Menorca, I was in contact with Enriqueta regarding private Spanish classes. She was very nice and wanted to to provide me with a positive and convenient experience given that I was in Menorca with my family. For example, for a reasonable fee, she came to my apartment in Son Bou 3 times a week from Mahon to give Spanish classes. Also, Enriqueta prepared a curriculum that was talored to my interests. For example, we worked on finance vocabulary and she suggested very helpful Spanish books.

    Most importantly, the classes were fun and I learned a lot, not only practicing Spanish but also learned a lot of the history and culture of Menorca.

    I want to return to Menorca, not only for the beaches but also for Enriqueta…it is the perfect combination! I recommend her classes no matter your level of Spanish.


    Soy John y vivo en Nueva York, donde trabajo para un banco internacional. A veces, tengo que hablar español con mis clientes y siempre buscando una oportunidad por mejorar mi español.

    He estado en Menorca durante 3 semanas de vacaciones. Antes de llegar a Menorca, me puso en contacto con Enriqueta respecto las clases privadas españolas. Ella es muy simpatica y me ha proporcionado una una experiencia positiva y comoda puesto que fui a Menorca con mi familia. Por ejemplo, con un recargo razonable, ella ha venido a mi apartamento en Son Bou 3 veces por semana de Mahón a darme clases de español. También, Enriqueta preparó un plan de estudios a la medida de mis intereses. Por ejemplo, trabajamos sobre el vocabulario de finanzas y ella sugirió libros españoles muy útiles.

    Lo más importante, las clases fueron muy divertidas y aprendi mucho, no sólo practicando español sino también para aprendiendo mucho de la historia y la cultura de Menorca.

    Quiero volver a Menorca, no sólo por las playas, pero también por Enriqueta … esta combinación es perfecta! Les Recomiendo sus clases no importa su nivel de español.

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