Welcome to the Spanish School Learn Spanish in Menorca ®

Spanische Schule Menorca. Bildungsurlaub

The Academy of Learn Spanish in Menorca ® is the wide provider of active Spanish.

Active Spanish means learning the language by study and action – by shopping and dining and working and conversation. You can multiply the many benefits of the beautiful island of Menorca by speaking its language – if you’re able to order drinks and meals, ask for assistance, buy things and express your needs and opinions doors will open for you, and your welcome will be even warmer!

We have a wide range of exciting learning solutions from wining & dining Spanish to working Spanish. Check our current range of Courses & Prices.

We work one to one or in groups (see course hourly fees) in sessions lasting from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks. We have carefully selected teachers & learning facilities in Mahon. And we can also come to your location wherever you are. We also offer more specific programs (such as Bildungsurlaub) available upon student’s request. And online lessons too.

We work with tour operators, hotels, educational institutions and individuals to provide tailored services that meet the needs of students, holiday makers and residents. If you have any specific needs do not hesitate to ask! Contact us in person, by phone or email.

learn spanish in menorca illustration map poster mercedes leon merchesicoSpanische Schule Menorca

We also work with local business and community and environmental groups to ensure that visitors can learn from Menorca. Our work is integral to the efforts of the island departments of Education, Culture, Environment & Tourism.

Illustration & design by merchesico.com


  1. Minorca é un ottimo posto dove studiare spagnolo e learnspanishinmenorca é la scuola migliore, al pari del cervantes dove ho studiato in passato. Inoltre l’ambiente é accogliente e piacevole e Enriqueta é un’ insegnante entusiasta e competente. Ho fatto progressi incredibili in una settimana di corso quindi la consiglio vivamente a tutti!


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