Please, prepare a cup of coffee, sit in your living room, turn on your computer and let’s speak Spanish with Queta.
Don’t worry, wherever you are, I can still be your teacher!

Just tell me what do you want to learn, Spanish to travel? Spanish for business? Spanish and literature? colloquial expressions? all of it?
We can use Skype, FaceTime or Zoom for speaking and sharing documents, whiteboard, homeworks, newspapers, songs, etc.

Please, give me two or three options for lessons to suit your time zone. Si puedes escribir en español será mejor para mí y podré valorar tu nivel
They are lessons just to your own measure


Smile, talk, enjoy
50 minutes per session
We can change our meeting two days before
All material included
You can pay by PayPal a week before starting the pack

First lesson is free
Pack 1 lesson per week4 weeks 100€
8 weeks 190€
Pack 2 lessons per week4 weeks 180€
8 weeks 340€
Contact me and in less than 48 h. we can arrange the first free lesson

Payment: All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy

Online Pack- 1 lesson x 4 weeks


Online Pack- 2 lessons x 4 weeks


Online Pack- 2 lessons x 8 weeks


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